Political Economy

Freedom and Liberty.

People do not create true law. People have objectivity and subjectivity. The wrong law is written when a known known is implemented subjective. A compromise can be found when a known unknown is implemented objective. Humanity is the product of unknown unknown.

Table of Contents

  • Per Capita GDP
  • Bond Auctions and Interest Rates
  • International Trade and Oil
  • Tax and Income
  • Equity and Stock
  • Budget and GDP

    World and International

  • World Tax and Income
  • World Debt and Interest Rates
  • World Energy
  • World Equity and Stocks
  • World Budget and GDP
  • World Population

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    There are more valuable things to do than listen to or watch you.

    There has been a surveillance system with hidden speakers commiting civil rights violations and humanitarian crime against me for almost 8 years trying to recruit to donate my time, energy, and money to support their mentally ill insanity. They are people who want and need to claim my legal person as their resource.

    Those who are unable to understand that there is no compromise with factual knowledge are those who need laws.

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