World Energy

Gasoline, Diesel, Electricity, and Polution.

Development has different amounts of polution.

Output per Energy Unit.


According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency:

  • 998 lbs CO2 per megawatt-hour generated
  • 235.7 kg CO2/barrel

    If those numbers are correct then:

  • The difference between the minimum and maximum Efficiency GDPs is 206.25481 Kg CO2 per dollar GDP and 9.074272508 Kg CO2 per dollar GDP.
  • The difference between the minimum and maximum Efficiency GDPs is 1.929112009 lbs CO2 per dollar GDP and 0.045021363 lbs CO2 per dollar GDP.

    Halving the CO2 emission of an inefficient economy would require doubling the population to emit the same level of polution. To double population growth at 3% yearly population growth takes 25 years.

    Current Summary

    GDP Output Per KgOEGDP Output Per kWh

    The relations of gasoline and diesel price to temperature can be described as a combination of being a mixed fuel source for heat plus the elevated demand price to move people and goods which are accounted for as more valuable.

    The relation of Electrical Transmission Loss to temperature can be described as a combination of the physical Temperature coefficient of resistivity and the "stochastic scattering" above and below the least squares regression line which would represent the ability of sovereign nations to manage their energy infrastructure.

    Monthly Consumption patterns in electricity consumption can appear purely temperature related. However, yearly social patterns such as school closure and national holidays can cause the temperatures during lower behavioral baseload consumption appear to be a minimum of consumption. In reality, the utility and infrastructure of electricity consumption is primarily survial and production only then followed by the frivolity of leisure.


    Physical relations are unchangeable.

    Legal, social, and cultural relations are changeable.

    When the world becomes more determined by the unchangeable relations of physics the rigid and false restrictions of legal, society, and culture should be removed to allow expression of the aware and knowledgable indiviual who has freedoms and rights beyond those required to develop the ignorant and oppressive world of belief and promise.

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